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Rose Creek Retreat: Rosburg, Washington

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September 7, 2023

Rose Creek Retreat is a beautiful outdoor destination situated on the Lower Columbia River in Rosburg, Washington. This private eco-retreat is nestled between two riverine ghost towns just across the river from Astoria, Oregon. A gorgeous natural oasis, this is the ideal spot to escape the noise of the city and bask in the peace and serenity of nature. This unique property is a photographers dream, a wildlife lovers ideal getaway, and the perfect quiet space for those who long for solitude.

Experience Rose Creek Retreat

Rose Creek Retreat is a family-friendly pet-friendly destination. If you love boutique camping, there’s a good chance you will fall in love with this location. A mixture of wildlife sanctuary and edible agro-forestry restoration project, camping at Rose Creek is like having your own special nature park.

The Creekside Gardens is a beautiful forested tent camping area along Rose Creek. This area has been carefully restored to include dozens of forest gardens, including wild roses and similar native shrubs. Many of the gardens contain edible species, and the Columbia River can be seen through the conifers. If listening to the gentle lapping of the waves while smelling heavenly roses and watching sea lions is your cup of tea, this could be your perfect campsite.

The Orchid Garden is the most private site at Rose Creek. After a short hike up a steep slope, you arrive at a lovely alcove of moss and ferns that features an amazing hand-built wikiup. If you seek peace and quiet in a breathtaking setting, this could be your perfect escape!

The Rose Garden boasts fantastic views of the Columbia River. Here you can watch the ships sail by as you discover more than 30 varieties of roses. Spend a day exploring the remnants of the Altoona and Cottardi Station ghost towns, do a little birding, and then retire in the Rose Creek Hut. This rustic structure includes a full size memory foam mattress.

Popular Activities Near Rosburg, Washington

Rose Creek Retreat is a 30 minute drive from breweries, restaurants, and cannabis shops. Wildlife viewing is extremely popular in this area. Common sightings include bald eagles, cormorants, owls, sea lions, otter, fox, weasels, and porcupines.

Grays Bay is a great place to catch a sunset and take in the gorgeous scenery, and kayaking, biking, and hiking can be found throughout this region. At the campground, many guests love to watch the ships sail by and explore the surrounding forest.

Book Your Stay At Rose Creek Retreat

If you’re searching for a beautiful hidden gem in Washington, don’t miss out on Rose Creek Retreat! Stunning campsites, picturesque views, and the abundance of wildlife in this area make it the perfect private getaway. Book your stay today on Camp Native!

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