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4 Attractions around Ludington State Park

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September 7, 2023

In Michigan, there are an abundance of natural sites and Ludington State Park is a gem among them. With biking, hunting, swimming, and even winter camping, who would need to leave the park? However, a visitor would not be surprised to hear that there are beautiful attractions in Ludington, Michigan.


Children’s Museum

For families with little ones, there is the Sandcastles Children’s Museum. Their mission is to teach children the importance and wonder of exploring their natural world through hands-on activities and education.


Elk Ranch

The Elk Ranch at Ludington, Michigan promises visitors that they will see ‘huge bull elk.’ There is a petting zoo for smaller children, and for those passionate about nature and wildlife, visitors can take a wagon tour through the farm and see those huge elk!


Historic White Pine Village

Owned by the Mason County Historical Society in Ludington, Michigan, the Historical White Pine Village is a step back 100 years into Mason County history. Visitors will see a model of what town looked like 100 years ago, and truly experience history as it was.


Lake Michigan Carferry

The Lake Michigan Carferry connects between Ludington and Manitowoc, Michigan. Drive or walk on board and instantly enjoy the many activities offered: free movies, an outer deck for lounging and relaxing, bingo, and a kids’ playroom – the ferry is even pet-friendly! Hop on the Lake Michigan, and take a ride along the Great Lake in style.

Michigan is a beautiful state with much to offer visitors – especially those visiting the Ludington State Park. There is plenty to be done as far as family fun, and visitors will get the very most out of their vacation.

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