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Attractions around Itasca State Park

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September 7, 2023

 A piece of paradise that provides a wildlife sanctuary and adventurous hiking, Itasca State Park is a National Natural Landmark.


Itasca Sports Rental

At Itasca Sports Rental, visitors can rent bikes, pontoons, boats, canoes, and kayaks, for a minimum of one hour. The company claims to have everything a guest could need in order to enjoy a day at the park, and they are correct. Take a kayak on the river, bike through the natural wonders, and enjoy a boat ride on the great Mississippi.


Mississippi Headwaters

A popular spot for Itasca guests, Mississippi Headwaters is a “must-stop” in the area. Hiking and bike trails lead to a quiet, natural spot where the Mississippi starts its journey. Splash in river water, walk along the rocks, and take in local history.


Coborn’s Lake Itasca Tours

The Coborn’s Lake Itasca Tours give guests a ride aboard the majestic Chester Charles II, a river boat that will help guests understand the nature and the history of the area, as well as the Mississippi Headwaters. From Itasca State Park, tours start from the Douglas Lodge, at the Port of Douglas Lodge.

Although there may not be extravagant theme parks or major museums in the area, the area around Itasca State Park are naturally beautiful and full of local history.

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