Attractions in Olympia, Washington

Olympia, Washington is the heart – and the capital – of the beautiful, rugged state. City life and nature truly mingle well in Olympia, as can be seen in its many great attractions.

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

The beauty of the nature in the Olympia area is that there is a river that meets the sea – this creates unique wildlife and nature. At Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, see waterfowl in the spring, birds and eagles during the summer, songbirds gather in fall, and in the winter, you will see geese and migratory salmon. Be sure to see the local art gallery as well!

WA Olympia PriestPointPark

Priest Point Park

With over 300 acres of trees, rivers, shoreline, and wildlife, Priest Point Park has been standing since 1848. A quiet place to rest for a picnic or to gear up for hiking and biking, it is surely worth a visit.


Washington State Capital Museum

Currently closed for renovations, the Washington State Capital Museum is a step back in time. Immersing visitors in local history, sister attraction Washington State History Museum will delight and educate every visitor.

Red Wind Casino

Red Wind Casino

For adult fun, try a night at the Red Wind Casino. Experience fine dining and a ‘winner wonderland at this Olympia casino!

Olympia, Washington is part bustling city, part natural wonderland: it is completely worth a visit in the future!

Tony Cain title: Author