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Most Beautiful Locations in Washington

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September 7, 2023


Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is located in western Washington and is known for its beautiful, diverse ecosystems. From snowcapped mountains and peaceful meadows to stunning beaches and temperate rainforests, Olympic’s wilderness preserves natural history and provides explorers with nearly a million miles of adventure. Endless hiking trails wind throughout the park and offer great opportunities for backpacking, camping, climbing, and wildlife viewing. Popular points of interest include Ruby Beach, Sol Duc Falls, Hoh Rainforest, and Hurricane Ridge.


Palouse Falls

Located within the Palouse Falls State Park, this dramatic waterfall drops nearly 200 feet into the green pool below. Surrounded by a stunning rock amphitheater and often accented with a rainbow, the breathtaking Palouse Falls are a must-see sight. Hiking and camping are extremely popular here and offer visitors the chance to take in the unique rock formations and narrow gorge leading to the Snake River.


Mount Rainier National Park

This national park boasts the stunning Mount Rainier, an iconic icy volcano that stands at an impressive 14, 410 feet about sea level, and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Beautiful subalpine meadows filled with wildflowers and ancient forests surround this active volcano while hundreds of miles of trails offer great opportunities to view waterfalls, glaciers, wildlife and spectacular vistas.


Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests stretches more than 140 miles along the Western slopes of the beautiful Cascade Mountains and features two towering volcanoes, Mount Baker and Glacier Peak, as well as hundreds of lakes, old growth forests, meadows, and glaciers. The Forest offers a number of recreational activities including over 1,500 miles of hiking trails, climbing, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, and water sports.


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

This beautiful 292,500 area extends from southern Washington into Northern Oregon. The dramatic canyon featuring the Columbia River is impressive, but the surrounding area is perfect for hiking and taking in the colorful wildflowers, waterfalls, and lowland forests. This region is also known for its whitewater rafting, kayaking, biking, camping, windsurfing, downhill skiing, and spectacular scenic drives.

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