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Most Beautiful Locations in Alaska

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September 7, 2023


Denali National Park

Denali National Park encompasses a whopping six million acres of pure beauty. A single road twists and winds through the Taiga forest, mountain ranges, and eventually leads to the tallest peak in North America, Denali, (previously known as Mount McKinley.) Denali stands at an impressive 20,310 feet, much of which is enclosed in ice. There is an abundance of wildlife and fauna in the surrounding area which makes this an ideal place to hike and camp.


Matanuska Glacier

This monumental glacier can be found within the Chugach Mountains and is estimated to be 4 miles wide and 26 miles long. With minimal changes in the past 20 years, this big boy will be sticking around for a while. It is considered a ‘valley glacier’ and has the special ability to create its very own microclimate which is generally favorable compared to the surrounding area.


Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

As the nation’s largest park, Wrangell St. Elias covers over 13 million acres, that is nearly six times the size of Yellowstone. There is beauty at every turn-mountains, glaciers, rivers, and wildlife- just to name a few. Visitors can enjoy the park and all it has to offer by kayak, foot, raft, or climbing, although there’s a good chance you will need more than one day to take it all in.


Kenai Fjords National Park

Alaska at its finest. Kenai Fjords is the smallest national park found in Alaska at 601,000 acres. Don’t let the size fool you though, this park holds everything from glaciers and wildlife to coastlines and icefields. In fact, the Harding Icefield (a gem of the park) is one of the few icefields left in the United States. The wildlife is diverse and plentiful; from land mammals such as wolves and bears to marine mammals like whales and sea lions, visitors won’t be disappointed.


Glacier Bay National Park

Possibly the most popular park in Alaska, Glacier Bay offers a diverse landscape and is packed full of, you guessed it, glaciers. While the numbers are dwindling, there are still over 50 glaciers to be seen. The Fairweather Range lies to the West, and at 15,000 feet they have been named the world’s highest coastal mountains. A large part of the park is made up of water so for those interested in river rafting, kayaking, fishing, and marine mammals, this is the perfect spot.


Tracy Arm

The Tracy Arm Fjord boasts spectacular elevated glaciers, beautiful mountains, icebergs, and mile high steep rock walls complete with stunning waterfalls. This is a great place to view wildlife such as harbor seals, whales, bald eagles, mountain goats, and bears. Tracy Arm is only accessible by boat, but it’s a worthwhile adventure if you are in Alaska. The impressive Sawyer Glaciers are nearby and they are generally included in tours

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