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Most Beautiful Locations in New Mexico

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September 7, 2023


Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The Chihuahuan Desert is full of deep canyons, beautiful flowering cactus, wildlife, and impressive sea ledges, but the real gem of the park is hidden below ground. There are over 100 known limestone caves in this area, including the famous Carlsbad Cavern, that are just waiting to be explored. These underground chambers vary in size, the deepest being 1,597 feet, and feature unique, colorful formations that continue to change and form to this day.


White Sands National Monument

The White Sands National Monument is made up of 275 miles of white, glistening gypsum sand, a natural wonder that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. This vast sea of sand is home to a wide variety of unique plants and wildlife that have managed to adapt to this harsh environment. Those who choose to camp within the dunes will have the opportunity to experience the magic of a sunrise over the stunning white sands. Visitors can hike and explore the park, sled down the dunes, or just enjoy feeling the sand between their toes.



This prominent landmark is located in the Four Corners region of New Mexico and can be seen from nearly 50 miles away. Standing at over 1,500 feet, this beautiful formation is all that remains of the neck of an ancient volcano. This area is sacred to the Navajo people and continues to draw people for both its splendor and its spiritual significance.


Bandelier National Monument

Beautiful canyons, mountains, broad mesas, colorful valleys and ancient dwellings cover this 33,000 acre site. Unique ruins can be found and explored throughout this area including Anasazi Cliff houses and pueblo-like dwellings. Visitors can delve into history and enjoy 70 miles of hiking trails, camping, wildlife viewing, and an abundance of stunning sights.


Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

These fascinating cone-shaped formations, made up of pumice, ash, and tuff, were created by volcanic eruptions that occurred over 6 million years ago. The beautiful tent-like formations are protected by erosion resistant caprocks that protect and shape the softer cones below. The colors vary from white to pinkish gray and they range in height with some being only a few feet tall and others rising nearly 90 feet from the steep cliffs. Visitors can hike around the monument, explore slot canyons, and take in the views of the surrounding mountains and the Rio Grande Valley.

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