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5 Awesome Health Benefits of Camping

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September 7, 2023

Most people go camping to take a break from their busy lives and indulge in the adventure and beauty only the great outdoors can provide. No matter what you like to do when you go camping, whether it be hiking, biking, or taking pictures, your body will thank you for your weekend escape into nature.

Here are 5 health benefits you may experience while camping.

1. Your Body Loves Fresh Air
Fresh air really does do the body good. Do you feel happier as soon as you step foot onto your campsite? You can thank the trees. When your body gets an increase in oxygen, your brain releases a dose of serotonin which naturally boosts your mood.

2. Lower Your Stress Levels
Research has shown time and time again that time spent outdoors lowers blood pressure which is often associated with high levels of stress. In addition to an increase in oxygen, your body loves the Vitamin D you get from the sun which has been found to ward of symptoms of depression, lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and boost the immune system.

Plus, it’s tough to be angry or stressed out when you’re surrounded by beauty and doing something you’re passionate about.

3. Unplug and Escape the Screen
While many campgrounds and parks do offer WiFi, you might want to leave your phone and tablet at home. Research has shown that too much screen time can increase anxiety and lead to poor sleep. Give yourself a break, especially if your job is stressing you out.

If you’re going to take a vacation, allow yourself to totally unplug and unwind. Ditch technology and spend a few days connecting with nature and the people around you, your body will thank you.

4. Improved Sleep
Research has found that following the sun’s schedule (and getting away from artificial light) can lead to better sleep and help reset your natural clock. If you follow the sun, you’re more likely to go to bed earlier, rise earlier, and be less groggy. Plus, you’ll probably be more tired than usual after a long day of adventure.

5. Burn Some Calories
Physical activity is a huge part of camping. Whether you’re sitting in a boat fishing, hiking through a forest, or climbing a mountain, you’re burning calories. Exercise obviously benefits the body, but it can also help increase mental health.

Spending time in green spaces decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Plus, it’s a great way to reconnect with yourself through meditation or just enjoy the calm that comes with solitude.

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