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21 Hilarious #FakeCampingFacts Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

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September 7, 2023

At Camp Native we take our job seriously. Our mission is to help make it easy for you to discover and experience unforgettable camping adventures nationwide by connecting you with campsites you’ll love.

But camping is all about FUN! We love to have a good time – especially on a Friday before we’re about to head to the outdoors for the weekend.

In fact, earlier this week our office was filled with laughter after we discovered the #FakeCampingFacts hashtag on Twitter.

We thought we’d share some of our favorite fake camping facts with you to enjoy this Friday.

For example, did you know that you can rub two squirrels together to start a fire? Yep, this is a little known camping fact – and it’s totally fake!

Also, did you know that if you sing in the woods, animals will surround you and become your friends? Don’t you believe it, campers! It’s also complete fiction!

And, of course, surely you know that you should anchor your tent with stakes to keep vampires away, right? Camping fact? Nope, total fiction (only garlic will really keep the vampires away!).

These camping facts may be fake, but the laughs were real. Thanks to everyone on Twitter! Hope to see more of these #FakeCampingFacts tweets – feel free to join the fun!

Enjoy these 21 hilarious #FakeCampingFacts tweets.

1. The Wildlife Of The Kardashians?

2. Go Camping On Friday The 13th

3. An Important Grammar Lesson For Campers

4. Animals Love Free Concerts

5. The Bear Facts About Hugs

6. How To Know When You’re At An Awesome Camping Spot

7. This Trick Will Keep Bears Away From Your Food

8. Want A Roaring Campfire? There’s An App For That

9. App Didn’t Work? Try Squirrels!

10. Camping Prevents Pregnancy?

11. Why Mama Grizzly Will Love You To Pieces

12. Mud Masks: The Best Kept Beauty Secret

13. Forget Bears, Worry About Those Giraffes!

14. They Won’t Bug You If You Don’t Bug Them?

15. Stakes Are Vampire Repellant

16. Food Attracts Kittens

17. The Time To Hesitate Is Through

18. Nature’s Toilet Paper

19. Encounter Strange Animals In Their Natural Habitat

20. So You Think Deer Can Dance?

21. Drink First, Tent Later

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