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13 Essential Winter Camping and Hiking Hacks

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September 7, 2023

If you’re up for a camping trip that doesn’t include any bugs or crowds, it’s time to start preparing for winter camping. Camping or hiking through a winter wonderland is hard work, but the silence, scenery, and solitude make the effort well worth it.

Here are 13 tips and tricks to make your next winter camping adventure comfy and safe.

1. Pack Down the Snow
Before you setup your tent, pack down the snow around your campsite. Your body is more likely to melt fluffy snow and this can create uncomfortable sleeping conditions.

2. Bring Two Sleeping Pads
There’s no better time for two sleeping pads than winter camping. Not only will they provide more cushioning and insulation, but they will help prevent you from losing body heat.

3. Sleep With Your Boots
It’s important you have warm boots in the morning to help prevent hypothermia. Either take the liners out of your boots or put your boots in a stuff sack and put them in your sleeping bag at night.

4. Drink the Snow
Water filters don’t fair well in freezing temperatures. Instead, boil the snow and utilize UV or chemical systems.

5. Keep Your Water Bottle Upside Down
Water freezes from the bottom up. By keeping your bottle upside down you can ensure you’ll always have water to drink.

6. Use Lithium Batteries
Lithium batteries generally perform better in freezing temperatures versus alkaline batteries. Feel free to sleep with them at night to keep them warm.

7. Wrap Fuel Bottles With Duct Tape
This is a great way to avoid frostbite. The Duct Tape acts as an insulator so you can safely handle the fuel bottles.

8. Use A Pee Bottle
We all know cold weather often means frequent urination. Your body actually has to more energy if you hold it instead of going to the bathroom, so it’s a good idea to just go. Pee bottles are available for the guys and ladies might consider a urination funnel.

9. Bring Extra Fuel
Nobody wants to be out winter camping and run out of fuel. The colder weather will use up your fuel faster than warmer temperatures so be sure to bring along some extra.

10. Snack While Hiking
Instead of losing hard earned body heat while hiking, bring along easy snacks rather than stopping for a meal. Keep them in a front pocket for easy access.

11. Keep Water Bottles In Insulated Pockets
When you’re out for a trek, keep our water bottles in insulated pockets on or in your pack.

12. Put Boiling Water In Your Water Bottle
Before you go to sleep at night, fill your water bottle with boiling water and put it by your feet inside your sleeping bag to keep them warm. In the morning, enjoy non-frozen water.

13. Dig A Kitchen
One of the greatest parts of winter camping is building a kitchen. Dig about 3 feet down to block your cooking area from the wind. Then, go nuts. Make a table, seats, storage, whatever your heart desires. Bring along a foam pad to keep your bottom warm.

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