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5 Things To Leave At Home On Your Next RV Trip

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September 7, 2023

Do you find yourself overpacking on RV trips? RVs might be big, but that doesn’t mean every inch of available space needs to be stuffed full. It can be scary leaving home without some of what you might consider “essentials” in your everyday life, but your wallet (and your adventurous spirit) will thank you. Here are 5 common offenders that often find their way into the RV that could really be left behind on your next RV getaway.

1. Cans Are Overrated

Your pantry at home might be stuffed full of canned goods (it’s hard to pass up a great deal at Costco) but there’s no need for these space-eating foods to end up in the RV. A few cans of vegetables and soup are good, but you don’t need an entire cupboard packed full of them. The best way to cure this problem? Plan ahead. If you’re going on a shorter trip, plan out your meals and buy only what you need. If you’re headed south for the winter, there are bound to be grocery stores wherever you’re going. Sometimes our first instinct is to hoard in case of emergency, but there’s a good chance you will never eat all of the canned food on-board. Ever.

2. Do You Really Need To Tow That?

If you’re on a budget or trying to save some extra cash, consider leaving the SUV at home. Of course there will be times where the car, trailer with toys, or boat are necessary for your trip, but leave behind what you can. The more weight you’re towing, the more gas money you will be spending. If you’re going to bring some toys along, make them as light as possible. Know you’re going to need an extra vehicle? Opt for the car instead of the truck.

3. You Can Buy Firewood Pretty Much Everywhere

Camping wouldn’t be camping without a campfire and a campfire isn’t a campfire without firewood, right? Obviously this is something you’re going to want at the campsite, but you might not need it in the RV. Not only can it be messy, but it adds extra weight. Is it worth saving a few extra bucks to bring your own when you can likely buy it at or near your campground?

4. Who Needs Kitchen Appliances?

You might be a gourmet chef at home, but RVing is about living a simpler life. While it might be tempting to bring along that waffle maker for a big Saturday morning feast, you will probably be just as happy with eggs and bacon. It’s up to to decide what you tickles your fancy as far as food goes, but keep in mind you may not use these appliances and you and your family might have more fun cooking a hobo breakfast over the campfire.

5. Can You Really Fix That?

No, do not leave all of your tools at home but do carefully consider which ones you actually need to bring along. Sometimes we get a little overzealous when we talk about our fix it skills, and there’s no shame in admitting what our limits are. Take a minute to think about what you’re comfortable with as far as service and maintenance. If you can do it all yourself, great, bring along a few extra tools. Can you get creative with duct tape, but that’s where your talents end? No problem. Tools are heavy and take up space, plan accordingly.

Packing the RV really comes down to personal preference. Take what you feel you will need, but keep in mind how much things weigh and if they are really necessary to the enjoyment of your trip. RVing is about getting closer to nature, exploring, and embarking on new adventures. A positive attitude and the bare necessities go along way on an RV trip.

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