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7 Reasons You Should Go Camping With Your Kids

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September 7, 2023

Planning your next camping trip? Be sure to include the kids! Besides for the obvious fact that you will be spending quality time together as a family, camping has a number of awesome benefits for kids. Family camping presents its own unique challenges, but taking the entire crew along on your next adventure definitely comes with some perks.

1. Camping teaches kids to unplug.

Is it a struggle to get your kids to put their devices down long enough to eat dinner? One of the great things about camping is it gives everyone an opportunity to unplug. Technology is everywhere nowadays but it doesn’t have to follow you into the wilderness. Make a “no screen” rule before you leave the house and your kids will learn that being outdoors can be just as much fun as being on a computer.

2. Camping inspires an active lifestyle.

Hiking, biking, and swimming burn a ton more calories than sitting on a couch. Whether you’re carrying supplies to the campsite, setting up the tent, collecting firewood, or exploring the campground, camping is physical work. Kids that learn to be active at a younger age will likely continue this lifestyle into adulthood.

3. Camping teaches survival skills.

Self-reliance is important, and spending time in the wilderness can help kids learn to depend on themselves. Camping gives kids the opportunity to learn how to start a fire, catch fish, build a shelter, tie a knot, and numerous other life skills they probably won’t learn in the classroom. It’s true that some campgrounds and methods of camping do most of the hard stuff for you, but you can opt for a more primitive campsite and stick to the basics.

4. Camping teaches kids to respect and love nature.

Spending a week in the great outdoors will give you plenty of time to teach your kids to clean up after themselves and the importance of taking care of the environment. The more time your kids spend in the great outdoors the more comfortable they will become, but with the beauty of nature and the dangers. Camping is an opportunity for the family to venture off the beaten path and explore, something that often creates a sense of wonder in children.

5. Camping teaches the importance of community.

Camping often creates a sense of camaraderie. If you ever need help, there’s a good chance your fellow campers will lend a hand. Whether you’re parking your RV or you need help setting up your tent, there’s usually someone around who is more than willing to come to your aid. Often times people return to the same campground year after year, making it easy to form a bond with other campers. This kind of community vibe can be really beneficial for kids.

6. Camping is affordable.

One of the greatest things about camping is that you can do it on a budget. Teach your kids that you can have just as much fun on a family vacation sleeping in a tent for $20 a night as you can staying in a fancy hotel. Camping in general is a wonderful way for kids to learn to appreciate the small things in life, like a home cooked meal, daily showers, and a nice comfy bed.

7. Camping instills a sense of adventure.

If you want your kids to love adventure, traveling, and the outdoors, take them camping. If the kids grow up exploring, meeting new people, and having new experiences, it’s likely they will continue to enjoy these things regardless of where life takes them.

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