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Beach Camping: Gear and Tips

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September 7, 2023

Camping on the beach is a great way to relax and get in touch with nature. Whether you’re camping by the ocean, a lake, or a river, there is something magical about waking up to the sound of crashing waves or rushing water.

Beach camping differs in a few ways from camping trips in the forest or mountains. Packing the right gear and following these simple tips will ensure your camping adventure is a success.

Beach Camping Gear
Besides for the basic gear, such as a tent and cooking utensils, that you would pack for any camping trip, there are a few special items that will make your beach camping trip more enjoyable.

Sand has a way of ending up everywhere, so a brush and dustpan are a must. This gives you the opportunity to fight back and at least remove some of the sand from your tent.

Pack an old blanket or rug to place outside the tent and make sure everyone leaves their shoes at the door.

Small plastic bags are great for storing electronics or anything else you don’t want getting wet.

Sand is naturally lumpy so an air mattress or pad will make sleeping more comfortable. Depending on the season, you will either want a light sleeping bag or just a sheet and a blanket.

Sand stakes are awesome for camping in the sand as they are designed to hold in loose surfaces. Another option for anchoring the tent would be to fill plastic bags with sand, tie the tent ropes to the bags, and bury them.

Shade can be hard to come by on the beach. Consider packing a tarp, umbrella, or sun shelter if you have room so you can find relief from the sun and heat.

And, of course, sunscreen.

Beach Camping Tips
This may seem obvious, but if you’re camping by the ocean, be sure to set up camp a good distance from the shore to avoid high tide. There’s no point in risking all of your possessions getting soaked or washed out to sea. Put a tarp under your tent for an added layer of protection from water.

Don’t camp or play on the dunes. They may look like fun, but they contain unique plant life that needs to be respected and preserved.

Do bring a tarp or rain fly to protect your tent from passing showers or storms.

It may be tempting to drink from a nearby water source, but better safe than sorry. Either bring lots of water or pack some kind of water purification system.

Regardless of where you are camping, it’s important that you clean up after yourself. Practice no-trace camping by either bringing your own trash bags or using garbages provided by the campground. Leave nothing behind.

Finding Your Beach Campsite
Do your research. If you’re camping with the entire family, it may be best to choose a popular campground that offers all of the amenities such as bathrooms and showers. If you’re camping solo or with friends, make sure the beach you are scoping out allows overnight camping and check out any rules or restrictions.

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