Camping With Cats: 7 Tips For Exploring With Your Feline Friend

Have you been considering bringing your feline friend on your next camping trip? We say go for it!

Why should dogs get to have all the fun? While it can be a little trickier bringing your cat along and the planning process takes a little more thought, it’s definitely possible to have your cat join you on an adventure.

Here are seven tips for camping with cats.

1. Will Your Cat Enjoy The Great Outdoors?
Let’s face it, cats can be stubborn. They also have a tough time adjusting to change. If your cat jumps at its own shadow or is deathly afraid of the outdoors, your feline friend may not be destined to go on camping trips. If you think kitty is going to freak out, it might be better to leave him at home in his comfort zone.

If your cat enjoys being outdoors, socializing, and is easy to handle, he might be a good candidate for camping.

2. Leash Train Your Cat
The last thing you want to do is let kitty run loose in the woods or in unknown territory. Leash training is usually easier if you start when your cat is a kitten, but it is possible to train older cats.

Be sure to buy a harness that fits your cat comfortably, and start training indoors. Once your cat is comfortable with the leash inside, move to the backyard and then introduce short walks.

Some cats are perfectly fine being on a leash. Others hate them. Have patience and give your kitty time to adjust.

3. Make The Carrier A Safe Place
Regardless of whether you’re camping in a tent or spending a week in the RV, make sure your cat’s carrier is comfortable and homey. This is your cats safe place.

Before you bring kitty on your first adventure together, bring your cat to new locations in her carrier. Fun places. Not the vet.

4. Microchips And Collars
Cats are sneaky, and there’s always the possibility that your cat could wiggle out of your arms and take herself for a walk. It’s a good idea to get your cat microchipped and to have her wear a collar with ID tags, just in case.

5. Pack For Your Cat
Make a list of all of the items kitty will need on your trip. Cat items may include food, bowls, medications, leash, blanket, litterbox, medical records, and toys.

Don’t change your cat’s diet, this can cause stomach issues, and be sure to bring along a little extra. Cat food is still food, so it goes in the bear bag with everything else.

Each cat is different, so pack for your cat based on their own personal needs.

6. Plan Your Camping Trip
When planning your trip, make sure your destination is pet-friendly. Call ahead and do a little research.

There are certain national parks that don’t allow pets, or only allow them on certain trails or in specific campgrounds. National forests are pet-friendly, but pets must be on a leash in most areas.

Some campgrounds charge extra for pets, keep this in mind when you’re choosing your campsite.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and avoid taking your cat camping in extreme weather conditions.

7. At The Campsite
Make sure kitty gets plenty of exercise and stays hydrated. Never leave your cat tied up or unattended, and give him plenty of love and affection.

Setup your cat’s food, water, and litter box inside the tent or RV and make sure it’s easily accessible.

Lastly, be aware of other pets and wildlife at your campground.

Find Your Next Pet-Friendly Campground
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Explore thousands of campgrounds nationwide and discover the perfect campsite for you and your feline friend!

Jessica Goehring title: Administrator
Jessica is a freelance writer. She resides in Minnesota with her husband, daughter dog, and 4 cats. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, and hiking.