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RV Storage: 4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Space

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September 7, 2023

RVs are a wonderful way to camp and explore, but the lack of storage space can often be frustrating and a source of stress. If you are planning a trip and questioning how you are going to fit all of your clothes, food, miscellaneous items, and people inside your RV, don’t fret. Below you will find four creative storage tips for RVers that will help declutter and organize your space.

Hooks are Your Friend

Hooks are an inexpensive way to save space and declutter your RV. In the kitchen you can put them underneath the cabinets to hang up pot holders and mugs as well as placing them inside cabinet doors to hold utensils. In the bathroom and bedroom you can use them for towels, clothes, wash rags, and hats and placing them near the main door makes it easy to keep track of keys, flashlights, and dog leashes. Storage compartments can also benefit from hooks when it comes to hanging coax cables and water hoses.


The Versatile Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are a great way to provide additional storage space. Hanging one of these on the back of your bedroom door gives you a place to put underwear, socks, and other small items. Under the bed shoe organizers allow you to store your shoes, but did you know they are also a great place to keep clothing, knickknacks, and canned goods? In addition, you can hang them in the bathroom to hold brushes, toothpaste, soap, and other toiletries that have taken over small counter spaces.

Get Creative with Pegboards

Pegboards can work wonders in the kitchen. Not only can you hang up pots and pans to create more space, they can also hold shelves so you can declutter your counters and work areas. The bedroom is another place for these handy organizers because you can use them to hang up hats and sunglasses as well as small storage containers for pens, scissors, batteries, and other random items that don’t have a home.

The Magic of Storage Bins

Storage bins, both large and small, keep your space clean and organized. Large Rubbermaid bins are perfect for the storage compartments at the base of your RV because the tight locking lids will keep out any dirt or water. Storing extra supplies or rarely used items in these large bins will reduce clutter and give you more indoor space for important things you use on a daily basis. Smaller storage bins can be used in bedrooms, closets, and cabinets to hold everything from clothing and coats to silverware and spices. Using clear storage bins with labels will allow you to see what’s inside without having to dig through various containers to find what you’re looking for.


Hopefully these storage tip for rvers have given you some fresh ideas on how to organize and make the most of your indoor space. Now you can explore some campsites and find a place to park your tidy RV!


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