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RVing 101: Choosing Your Adventure Mobile – A, B, or C?

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September 9, 2023

Hello, Trailblazers! 

As a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, you’ve probably mastered tent-pitching in record time and have a Ph.D. in s’more-making. Now, you’re ready for the next big step – joining the ranks of RV owners! 

But where do you start? “Class A, B, or C?” might feel like an alien language to you. But fret not, because we’re here to decode it and light up your path towards your perfect home-on-wheels!

Decoding the RV Alphabet

Before you plunge into this motorhome mayhem, it’s crucial to understand what Class A, B, and C RVs are. Each comes with its own size, features, and, most importantly, personality.

Class A: The Big Daddy of RVs

For those who dream big, Class A RVs are your go-to. Picture this: a luxurious bus-style vehicle that feels like you’ve packed your entire home, including the kitchen sink, into your ride. But remember, handling these behemoths can be trickier than starting a campfire with damp wood. 

Class B: The Agile Adventurer

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Class B RVs. These compact campervans are perfect for those who believe good things come in small packages. Yes, they might be as cozy as a squirrel’s nest, but they pack enough punch for your adventures and are as nimble as a deer in the wild. 

Class C: The Goldilocks of RVs

Class C RVs offer the best of both worlds. Larger than a Class B but smaller than a Class A, these RVs are like the Goldilocks porridge of the motorhome world – just right. You’ll get your cozy bunk-over-cab space without feeling like you’re steering a city bus. 

Which Type of RV is Best for you?

Choosing the right RV is much like choosing the right pair of hiking boots. It needs to fit you, support you, and be appropriate for the terrain you want to conquer. It’s not merely about size and features; it’s about matching an RV with your unique lifestyle and adventure aspirations.

  • If luxury and space are your jam, and you dream of waking up in a queen-sized bed, sipping coffee in a spacious living room while parked in scenic locales, a Class A might just be your perfect companion. It’s the mansion of RVs, providing all the comforts of home, but on wheels.
  • Now, if you prefer agility and affordability, and love the idea of sneaking into those tight but stunning camping spots, a Class B RV will be your best bet. This class is like a chameleon, small enough to blend into cityscapes yet fully equipped for the wild.
  • But what if you want the best of both worlds? If so, a Class C RV should be on your radar. It’s the perfect middle-ground, offering ample space without sacrificing maneuverability. 

The ‘best’ RV isn’t about the most popular or the most loaded with features – it’s the one that fits your adventuring style like a glove. So ponder on your outdoor preferences, the comfort you crave, and the terrain you’re eager to conquer. Your perfect RV is out there, waiting for you to turn the ignition and start your journey.

The Adventurer’s Handbook: Costs, Models, and Must-Have Features

Class A RVs, the Beverly Hills mansions of the RV world, tend to be the most expensive, ranging from $100,000 to over $300,000. They are expansive, and popular models like the Thor Motor Coach Aria and the Winnebago Journey come packed with luxury features like king-sized beds, full kitchens, and even washer/dryers.

Class B RVs are the smaller, more budget-friendly siblings, typically costing between $60,000 and $150,000. These agile adventurers, including popular models like the Roadtrek Zion and the Winnebago Revel, are compact but come loaded with ingenious space-saving features.

Class C RVs, the balanced middle child, usually range from $80,000 to $150,000. Models like the Thor Motor Coach Quantum and the Jayco Greyhawk offer a blend of space and agility, often including a comfortable over-cab bunk.

When shopping around, remember to look out for features like storage space, fuel efficiency, and warranties. We suggest focusing on practicality over flashiness. Sure, a state-of-the-art entertainment system sounds amazing, but would you prefer that over efficient heating for those chilly nights in the wild? Remember, this isn’t just a vehicle; it’s your future home on the move. Make it count!

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Budget wisely: Remember, your RV isn’t just a vehicle; it’s your home on wheels. Budget for additional costs like fuel, maintenance, and campsite fees.
  • Test drive: The proof of the RV is in the driving. Be sure to take a test drive to get a feel for the size and handling.
  • Think about storage: Class B RVs are compact, but can you handle limited storage space? Or do you need the abundant space of a Class A?
  • Insurance: Each class of RV will carry different insurance costs. Don’t forget to factor this into your decision.
  • Where you’re camping: Larger RVs may not fit in every campsite, so consider where you plan to adventure.


Embarking on your RV journey is an exciting chapter in your life’s adventure book. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the choice between Class A, B, or C RVs, but we’re confident that with these tips, you’ll navigate through it like a pro. After all, you are an adventurer – and choosing an RV? Well, that’s just part of the thrill. So, here’s to new beginnings and unforgettable road trips. Happy camping!

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